Fastest Modified Model of Hardy Cross Method for Ventilation Network Analysis of Mines (Second Conflation Model)

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Mining, Petroleum and Geophysics Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran


Ventilation network design is done in manual and computerized methods. Computerized method is based on mathematical approximate methods. Several algorithms were presented in mathematical approximate methods for analyzing of water distribution and ventilation networks. Hardy Cross method is the most commonly model of mathematical approximate method for analyzing of ventilation networks in mine. For faster convergence to at the final result of Hardy Cross method were presented other models such as Wang model, conflation model and Newtonian models (First, third and sixteenth). In this paper is performed an initial review of Hardy Cross method and its modified models. Then first, third, and sixteenth modified models of Newtonian are presented for more accurate analysis of ventilation networks in mines. Finally, second conflation model will be presented as the fastest modified model of Hardy Cross method to achieve at the final result.