What kinds of manuscripts does IJMGE consider?

The IJMGE is interested in a wide range of manuscripts presenting original research and commentary in all areas of geosciences including mining engineering (exploration and exploitation), petroleum exploration, hydrogeology, and environment, … . For a more detailed description of the
categories of manuscripts we consider, please see our guide for authors.

For original research, the common thread is that the work should reveal novel concepts of broad importance to the scientific community. Research Articles of up to approximately 4,500 words and Reports of up to 2,500 words are welcome.

How fast can IJMGE evaluate my manuscript?

The IJMGE is committed to speedy evaluation of manuscripts, and our record in this respect in recent years compares avorably with those of major competing publications. For most papers, reviewers are asked to return comments within two weeks. Most papers are published within 12 weeks of initial submission.

How do I submit a manuscript to IJMGE?

First, carefully read and follow our instructions for preparing manuscripts and figures, taking careful note of the guide for authors. Then, when you have assembled all electronic files and other required information, proceed to our manuscript submission and information portal at
You can track your manuscript status through your account at our manuscript submission and information portal. Immediately after submission, the status should update to
We do not accept submissions by postal mail or e-mail.