Guide for Authors

Instructions for Authors

     This document contains the guidelines for manuscript preparation and final paper submission to the International Journal of Mining and Geo-Engineering. Please closely follow these instructions:

1. International Journal of Mining and Geo-Engineering publishes peer reviewed scientific articles in all Mining and Geo-Engineering disciplines.

2. The articles should neither have been previously published, nor been sent to other journals before final decision from IJMGE.

3. All necessary documents (manuscript, cover letter, copyright release from, etc.) must either be submitted electronically to the journal web site (

4. Please put the figures and tables in your manuscript and send one main file. Also all of the figures and tables should attached separately.

5. The manuscript should be typed with a font Times New Roman of 12 pt. in the MS-Word format, single spacing, in one columns with 2.5 cm margin at each side in standard A4 size paper and continuous line numbering throughout the manuscript.

6. Typical papers should not exceed 10000.

7. The Title of the papers is centered at the top of page in 18 pt. Times New Roman bold font and should not exceed 100 words. Authors names should be written under the title in 13 pt. Times New Roman bold font followed by their affiliations in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. The email account, phone and fax number(s) of the corresponding author should be appeared in the first page footer.

8. Abstract should cover a maximum 500words, (including spaces). To allow independent retrieval through internet, please include appropriate keywords in your abstract, in alphabetical order, separated by commas.

9. All related figures and tables (with limited numbers) should be originals with high quality. Original versions of figures (with PDF, Excel and Word formats) should be presented and uploaded to the website.

9. A list of references contains details only of those works cited in the text. All references should be stated in standard format. They should be arranged by numbers according to appearance of references in text. The followings are a few examples:

[1] Bradford, S. A., Torkzaban, S., & Walker, S. L. (2007). Coupling of physical and chemical mechanisms of colloid straining in saturated porous media. Water Research, 41(13), 3012-3024. doi:

[2] Ortolano, G., Zappalà, L., & Mazzoleni, P. (2014). X-Ray Map Analyser: A new ArcGIS® based tool for the quantitative statistical data handling of X-ray maps (Geo- and material-science applications). Computers & Geosciences, 72(0), 49-64. doi:

10. Number the references items consecutively in square brackets (e.g., [1]). When referring to a reference item, please simply use the reference number as in [2]. Multiple references are each numbered with separate brackets (e.g. [2, 5, 4-6]).

11. IJMGE suggested that the authors prepared their manuscripts references in "EndNote" format.

12. The authors are responsible for the content of the contribution. The last version of the article will be sent to the corresponding author before publishing to final check. If the number of author is more than one, please indicate the corresponding author.

13. Similar data should not be presented simultaneously in tables and figures.

14. The policy of the journal with respect to units and symbols is to accept SI units only.

15. The Self citation is only allowed when a continuous improvements are being made through innovative ideas on same old concept and it is limited to only 1 case in each manuscript.

16. Following acceptance of the article for publication, authors will be asked to complete and signed the copyright release form for the accepted articles, individually due to the publication processing.

17. Editorial Board of the journal reserves the right to accept or reject any article in any stage, if necessary.

18. Accepted article for publishing which is edited by the journal cannot be changed.

19. Submitted articles to the International Journal of Mining and Geo-Engineering (IJMGE) will not be returned to the author after peer review process.

20. Please complete and sign the Conflict of Interest and Authorship Confirmation Form and send it with  your manuscript.


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