A new method for determination of frothability of frothers by using water recovery measurement

Document Type : Research Paper


Mining Engineering Department, Higher Education Complex of Zarand


A new method was introduced for frothing characterization of flotation frothers. Method uses water recovery to develop a new frothability index named water recovery index (WRI). New index was determined for some commercial frothers and results were compared with dynamic frothability index (DFI). Results showed that water recovery index values follow the order of A-65 13016 s/mol > DF-250 6292.4 s/m > MIBC 1240 s/mol > Isoamyl alcohol 343.2 s/mol > Butanol 144.87 s/mol, also observed DFI order was achieved as A-65 437,080 s.dm3/mol > DF-250 197,271 s.dm3/mol > MIBC 39,427 s.dm3/mol > Isoamyl alcohol 10,517 s.dm3/mol > Butanol 1977.3 s.dm3/mol. The new method offers many advantages over conventional froth height measurement; the experimental set-up developed for water recovery measurement is more compact and easy to use. Moreover, special design of set-up also eliminates the wall effect of flotation container and increases the reproducibility of measurements.