Ultimate Pit Limit Determination Using Flashlight Algorithm

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mining Engineering, Hamedan University of Technology (HUT), Hamedan, Iran


In this paper, the flashlight (FL) algorithm, which is categorized as a heuristic method, has been suggested to determine the ultimate pit limit (UPL). In order to apply the suggested algorithm and other common algorithms, such as the dynamic programming, the Korobov, and the floating cone, and to validate the capability of the proposed method, the ultimate pit limit was determined in a cross-section of the Korkora reserve, which is located in Kurdistan province, northwestern of Iran and consists of 3080 blocks. The comparison of the FL algorithm and other methods revealed that same as high accuracy dynamic programming methods, the proposed algorithm could find the optimum value, while the Korobov and the floating cone algorithms failed to determine the optimum limit.


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